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06 Nov 2018

CAN-bus card on the Fico Compact Line

After almost 15 years, the CAN-bus card in the Fico Compact Line is no longer available. This CAN-bus card is used to communicate between the different modules in the system. Since the card is end of life, Fico has developed an alternative solution.

As new type CAN-bus cards are not fully compatible, and the existing system computers are also almost end of life, a complete solution was developed. Therefore the computer, including the CAN-bus card will be replaced. All new equipment is already equipped with this new hardware. Existing machines can be upgraded with the new hardware.

To prevent large production loss when the CAN-bus card breaks down, it is advised to purchase an upgrade kit and have it at stock.

Upgrade actions:

  • The old computer needs to be replaced with a new computer.
  • The software (MUNT and vision software license) need to be transferred from the old computer to the new computer.
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