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22 Nov 2018

Cleanroom Besi Netherlands

For years the development trend in the semiconductor industry is to reduce size, integrate more functionality and skip process steps wherever possible. With this development trend, the separation between front-end and back-end becomes smaller and smaller. This brings the cleanroom in view of the machines developed by Besi Netherlands in Duiven.

Measuring emission

The cleanroom also contains measuring equipment that 24/7 monitors and logs the air quality. It does this by measuring the amount of air born particles, and categorizing them in sizes from 0.3 µm to 25 µm. By directly displaying the results, the operator in the cleanroom can link the ongoing activities to the generated emission. Besides this, the measurement equipment can be used to test sub-assemblies. By logging the emission, the specification of the sub-assembly can be verified, but also durability aspects such as generated emission over time can be verified. 

Current activities in the cleanroom focus on the development of the Fico Molding Line (FML). This system encapsulates wafers and is part of a total production line in the cleanroom of our customers. Particle generation by the system and pollution of the wafer are therefore key. Challenging is the fact that transfer molding systems - like the FML - use pellets made of compressed powder and also apply static foils which attract dust. Hence the first development step is to control the generated mission, and prevent internal pollution of the system. 

With this new facility the capabilities of Besi Netherlands have expanded. By actively installing systems, using them during customer builds, and monitoring the performance, Besi Netherlands has made the next step in system development and is ready for the future.

By Sebastiaan Kersjes, the Netherlands

To support the developments of packaging systems, Besi Netherlands has built an ISO class 6 cleanroom in Duiven. This cleanroom has a size of 50 m2 and is equipped with two machine locations including electrics, compressed air and air exhausts, capable of evacuating 1200 m3/hr. With this, the cleanroom can facilitate small manual systems up to big fully automated systems as used in mass production.  

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