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26 Oct 2018

Coastal Cleanup

In October 2018 98 Besi APac employees participated in a Coastal Cleanup Corporate Social Responsibility program. The participants rolled up their sleeves to pick up waste on the Bagan Lalang Beach as part of our environmental protection initiative.

Besi APac partnered with International Coastal Cleanup and used its mobile application to calculate and categorize the different types of waste we collected. Many felt a sense of achievement to see transformation taking place right in front of their eyes and bag after bag of trash was collected; in total 185kg. Corporate Social Responsibility clearly is a topic that sparks passion in people and to put it simply, it is the right thing to do. We hope that this beach cleaning activity will inspire all to be more socially and environmentally responsible because as per our tagline:

Make it a habit, social responsibility starts with you!

By Angie Lee, Malaysia
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