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24 Apr 2019

New Besi Newsletter

This is the first issue of the new digital Besi Newsletter. Not as a printed page, but brought to you as a web-page. Dynamic, interactive and always up-to-date.

By Ton Kelderman and Claudia Vissers, the Netherlands

Every now and then we have sent out PDF newsletters with a lot of information about the Besi organization and what's happening in our semiconductor world. With this new digital version, we have the possibility to inform you in a faster way. As soon as a single news item is released, it will be available on this platform and every now and then we will send you an update e-mail of new items that have been added.

Bookmark the Newsletter page to check out the latest information:


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Feel free to send in any information worth sharing with your colleagues. If you have a contribution for the Besi newsletter, please contact us at or

We look forward to hear from you and any feedback is welcome!

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