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01 Nov 2018

New dentless bulk offloader for the Fico Compact Line and FCL-X/P

Fico has developed a new bulk offloader for its Fico Compact Line and FCL‑X/P. With the new offloader, the risk of dents in the leads is reduced to a minimum.

In the standard bulk offloader, the separated products fall directly into the bulk bin. Depending on the product size, shape and material, small dents can be caused in the leads due to the impact of the falling products. The new dentless bulk offloader solves this issue.

Flexible and ESD safe

The inside of the shute under the tool is covered with a soft ESD safe fabric material. Also the bulk bin is made of the same material. Instead of directly tumbling down, the fall is broken and the products slide down over the soft material into the bin. The impact is reduced to an absolute minimum.

To prevent overfilling of the dentless bulk bin, the number of products in a bin can be set in the software.

Proven design

Tests carried out at several customers show only dent free products!

The new dentless bulk offloader (DBO) is optionally available for the Fico Compact Line as well as for the new Fico Compact Line - X.

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