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06 Nov 2018

New Tool ID for Fico Compact Line

After more than 13 years, the Tool ID hardware of the Fico Compact Line is no longer available. Since all parts are end of life, Fico has developed an alternative solution.

All new equipment (machine and tools) are already supplied with this new Tool ID hardware. Since the old Tool ID hardware is not compatible with the new hardware, existing machines need to be upgraded to be able to use new tools. After the upgrade, the machine can no longer use old tools. Therfore these tools also need to be upgraded with a new tool id tag.


All existing tools and machines can be upgraded with new the Tool ID for full compatibility between all systems.

Upgrade actions:

  • New Tool ID reader + interface box per press
  • New Tool ID reader + interface box per separator
  • New system software
  • New Tool ID tag for each tool
  • Update tool id parameters
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