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29 Oct 2018

Progress in Besi Leshan PGC Packaging Expansion

Expansion of the Packaging Team is one of Besi’s key priorities for production expansion in China, specifically for the local market. A short status update.

The expansion program started in October 2017 and with the support of Besi APac we are glad to announce that the first Fico AMS-LM molding systems have been completed with successful delivery to the customer!

In addition, Trim & Form system (Fico Compact Line) has also being executed together with tool test on to system.

  • In September 2018, first molding system Fico AMS-LM and first Trim & Form system Fico Compact Line was delivered to Chinese customer.
  • In November 2018, a second Fico AMS-LM was delivered to another Asian customer.

Progress in Besi Leshan

After the Esec 2100 expansion in 2015 and the Datacon 2200 evo expansion in 2016, Besi Leshan reached an important mile-stone in October 2018 by adding capabilities of building the Datacon 8800 FC QUANTUM product line. The whole expansion program was kicked off in June 2018 and completed in October. This program covered the whole process from material sourcing till the whole machine built.

  • Besi Leshan built the Datacon 8800 FC QUANTUM advanced and the Datacon 8800 FC QUANTUM sigma.
  • Besi Leshan standing at capacity of 4 systems per month.


By Steven Lim, China
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