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29 Oct 2018

Supervisory Board Visit to Asia Pacific Region

On an annual basis, the Supervisory Board visits one or more of our entities in the Asia Pacific region. In the week of October 29, all members of the Supervisory Board, visited Besi Leshan, Besi Singapore and Besi APac. Also one of the most important semiconductor manufacturers in the world was visited during the trip.

At the first day visit in Leshan, the Supervisory Board visited the new plant for the tooling part which was finalized this year. Furthermore, local management presented their progress realized in 2018 and their plans for 2019.

Sales strategy

The second day was dedicated to sales strategy, presented by the sales team in Taiwan. Afterwards, the Supervisory Board visited TSMC - one of the largest manufacturers in the world - where discussions took place of future technologies. Besi Singapore local management presented their progress so far and their plans of 2019. Also a plant tour was organized by the management, whereby the Supervisory Board was informed about the development programs which were initiated in Singapore.

By Hetwig van Kerkhof, the Netherlands
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