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30 Oct 2018

Supplier Day

Besi APac and Besi Leshan successfully held a Supplier Day late 2018. Theme of the Supplier Day 2018 was "Quality and Reliability". Three suppliers were selected to receive the award in their category.

Besi strongly believes that continuous effort for quality is crucial to contribute to the reliability of our products and services. To emphasise this, last year our CEO, Richard Blickman, officially launched the Quality Awareness Program during the Supplier Day 2018. It was an important step towards a journey of good collaboration and great success for our complete supply chain in 2019.


Best Supplier Performance

The primary focus for the 2018 Supplier Day was to update our suppliers on the business outlook, business strategies and Besi's new product development. This Supplier Day was also used to thank our business partners and their contribution to the successful year we had together in 2017.

The Best Supplier Performance for 2018 was awarded to the following suppliers:

  1. Complete Module Outsourcing - KMWE Malaysia Sdn Bhd
  2. Vendors Parts - SMC Malaysia Sdn Bhd
  3. Fabrication Parts - Grand Venture Technology Malaysia


Team work

One of the key highlights of the day, other than the Supply Chain topics and Quality Management, was a presentation by our key speaker from Leaderonomics about effective traits for leadership in promoting team work toward greater success. It provided new insights and learning for our key suppliers to move to new heights.

We recognize and appreciate the overall effort of the organizing committee and management in making the Supplier Day a successful event and wish the award winners an even better busines this year.

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