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06 Nov 2018

Vacuum Chamber Mold with Top Foil

The Fico xMS-LM has several features to improve the product quality. The Vacuum Chamber Mold (VCM) allows deep vacuum levels that prevent voids in the end product. Another feature is Top Foil, which keeps the exposed die side of the chip free from compound. These two features have now been combined.

The main challenge during the development was the prevention of wrinkles on the foil. These wrinkles in itself could result in some vacuum leakage over the seal window. This issue has been resolved, and it now results in very deep vacuum levels inside the chamber, comparable with the levels seen on de non-foil Vacuum Chamber Molds.

Vacuum Chamber Mold

The concept of the Vacuum Chamber Mold remains the same. It creates a sealed chamber to ensure a very deep vacuum level already before the transfer starts. This results in excellent void protection. 

Top Foil

Top Foil is used to prevent contamination of the contact surfaces and die pad of leadless or exposed die packages during molding. Besides that it prevents clogging of the mold.
Combining both features results in the best product quality ever.

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