CAN-bus card on the Fico Compact Line

After almost 15 years, the CAN-bus card in the Fico Compact Line is no longer available. This CAN-bus card is used to communicate between the different modules in the system. Since the card is end of life, Fico has developed an alternative solution.

Vacuum Chamber Mold with Top Foil

The Fico xMS-LM has several features to improve the product quality. The Vacuum Chamber Mold (VCM) allows deep vacuum levels that prevent voids in the end product. Another feature is Top Foil, which keeps the exposed die side of the chip free from compound. These two features have now been combined.

New Fico Molding Line - wafer molding

Besi has developed a new type of system for the wafer molding market. The new Fico Molding Line (FML), represents a new line of systems dedicated for wafer or large panel molding. After an extensive development traject, and an in-depth field test at one of biggest wafer fabs of the world, the manual system of the FML is now released for sales.

Carbon brush replacement Fico AMS-i

The Fico AMS-i has two Pick & Place wagons. The Y-move of each wagon is driven by a motor. Depending on the load the carbon brushes of these motors can wear rapidly. It is therefore advised to check the brushes regularly.

Light in the Fico Compact Line

As from 2017, all new Fico Compact Line X and P systems are equipped with LED illumination in the machine. This convenient feature is now also available as an upgrade on your existing Fico Compact Line equipment.

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