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Esec 2100 DS

Esec 2100 DS, the flexible and fast high temperature Die Bonding Platform for Leadframe Applications. The latest member of the field proven standard machine for high end production is combining the revolutionary Phi-Y pick & place and a flexible hot tunnel strip handler with forming gas or nitrogen atmosphere. The Esec 2100 DS is the most flexible and versatile Die Bonder for diffusion soldering and sintering for the time to come.

Key Features

Leading Edge Machine Concept

    • Real time process monitoring
    • Constant status control with real time wafer, strip and magazine viewer
    • Efficient learning and error recovery thanks to context sensitive online help
    • Excellent gas atmosphere with widest application range

    Highest Speed at 15 µm Accuracy

    • Very short pick & place cycle time due to the revolutionary Phi-Y concept combining rotational and linear movements
    • New "light&rigid" pick & place structure, advanced trajectory control as well as a liquid cooling system ensuring excellent accuracy at highest speed
    • Placement accuracy down to 15 µm (3 sigma) at 450°C maximum bond temperature

    Fastest time to Yield

    • Fast exchange of product specific parts for shortest product changeovers
    • Recipe transfer from machine to machine
    • Teach and setup wizards and parameter teach verification eliminate setup errors
    • Recipe transfer from machine to machine enables fast conversion
    • Hot processes supported: Diffusion Soldering, In Situ - Sintering thermo-compression, Eutectic

    The Platform of the Future

    • New controller hardware using Gigabit Ethernet communication enabling advanced processes
    • Next generation platform ensuring upgrades and expansion of functionalities at any time
    • Scalable performance & application range


    • Involved in power package design
    • Work closely together with customers and suppliers


    Bonding method Diffusion / In - Site Sintering
    Net productivity 2,500 to 10,000 UPH typical
    Bonding accuracy 15 μm @3s
    Wafer size 4” to 12” (on 8" or 12" wafer frames)
    Die size 0.25 (with small die kit) to 20 mm
    Leadframe size Length: 90 to 300 mm
    Width 23 to 100 mm
    Machine dimensions 1785 x 1448 x 1400 mm (W x D x H)


    Substrate Handler

    • Top Stack Loader (TOS)
    • Dual Input (MHIN and TOS)
    • Dual input handler (DINP)
    • Strip Marking Unit (SMU) (CSR required)


    • Dispense Vertical Indirect Illumination (DVIILL)
    • Bond Quality Check (BQC)


    • Host communication interface (HOST)
    • Wafer mapping package (WMP)
    • E142 strip mapping (SMP) (CSR required)


    • Ionizer Controlled Pick (IONC-P)
    • Ionizer Controlled WH Load Top (IONC-WT)
    • Ionizer Controlled WH Load Bottom (IONC-WB)
    • Ionizer Controlled Magazine Input (IONC-MHIN)

    Pick & Place

    • Small Die Kit (SDK)


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