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Esec 2100 FC plus

Besi Switzerland as a renowned leader in providing die bonders for trouble free high quality mass production has integrated flip chip capability into its 2100 family of die bonders: Besi Switzerland’s response to driving down the cost of flip chip technology.

Key Features

Highest UPH – No Time Wasted

  • Simultaneous movement of chip and camera – no time wasted for image taking
  • Low vibrations – no time wasted for motion settling
  • Innovative parallel activity machine design with Phi-Y movement pick-and-place
  • Focused on strip based products

Load & Run – Shortest Time to Yield

  • Load recipe from host and run on any machine
  • Full recipe transfer from machine to machine
  • Operator independent results ensured by auto calibration

Highest Up Time – Consistent Quality

  • Reliable and accurate flip chip process
  • Smart and safe wafer mapping

2100 Platform Synergies – Reduced Operating Cost

  • One compact flip module is all that makes the difference to epoxy die bonders of the 2100 platform
  • Most spare parts are the same – lean stock and high availability
  • Flexible workforce – cross-trained operators and support teams


Bonding methodFlip Chip
Bonding accuracyDown to 10 μm (3σ)
Min. cycle time400 ms
Wafer size4” to 12”
Frame size6", 8” and 12”
Die size0.5 … 20 mm / 20 mils … 0.8 inch
Die thickness≥ 0.1 mm / ≥ 4mils
(thinner on request)
Strip dimensionsLength up to 500 mm
Width up to 125 mm (flat boats up to 137 mm)
Machine dimensions1430 x 1440 x 1400 mm (W x D x H)
WeightApprox. 1,400 kg / 3,000 lb


Substrate Handler

  • Active-Z Handler 137 mm cold (STH137-AZ)
  • Strip Handler 84 mm Flip Chip
  • Software to Run STH84-FC with Higher Speed
  • Advanced UPH
  • Dual Input (MHIN and TOS)
  • Magazine Handler Input (MHIN only)
  • Rail Downholder
  • Motorized Downholder Disp/Bond
  • Strip Marking Unit
  • SMEMA Link Input
  • SMEMA Link Output

Slide Fluxer

  • Duplex Slide Fluxer


  • PDS Epoxy Level Detection
  • PDS Purge and Pre-Dispense Station
  • Multi Dispense Process

Die Ejector

  • Die Ejector with Motorized X and Y Axis
  • Ultra Thin Die Needle Module


  • Dispense Vertical Indirect Illumination (DVIILL)
  • Bond Vertical Indirect Illumination (BVIILL)
  • Dispense Quality Check
  • Bond Quality Check
  • Pseudo X-ray


  • Host communication interface
  • Wafer mapping incl. map conversion
  • E142 strip mapping


  • Uninterruptible Power Supply to PC
  • Ionizer Pick
  • Ionizer Bond
  • Ionizer Controlled Pick (IONC-P)
  • Ionizer Controlled Bond (IONC-B)
  • Ionizer Controlled Dispense (IONC-D)
  • Ionizer Controlled WH Load Top (IONC-WT)
  • Ionizer Controlled WH Load Bottom (IONC-WB)
  • Ionizer Controlled Magazine Input (IONC-MHIN)
  • Fine Filter Unit
  • Fine Filter Unit with Air Particle Sensor
  • Mini System for training




Besi Netherlands B.V.

Tel: +31 26 319 6100

Besi Switzerland AG

Tel: +41 41 749 5111

Besi Austria GmbH

Tel: +43 5337 6000

Meco Equipment Engineers B.V.

Tel: +31 416 384 384

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