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Esec 2100 sDplus

The Esec 2100 sDplus, the 2nd generation of the proven Die Bonding Family, offers a wide range of benefits with the sole target of producing highest quality at lowest cost per die placement. Special handling and operating aspects of stacked die are incorporated in the revolutionary machine concept. Further redefining Stacked Die Bonding. For your benefit.

Key Features

12 µm Accuracy @ 3 Sigma (film based applications in High Accuracy Mode)

  • Revolutionary Phi-Y pick and place
  • Stable high accuracy thanks to vibration control

Widest Application Range

  • From epoxy to most advanced stacked die applications (amongst others BGA, CSP-BGA, SiP-BGA, FBGA)
  • Patented ultra thin die pick up solutions
  • 50 N bond force standard
  • Up to 125 mm substrate width

Shortest Time to Yield

  • Recipe transfer from machine to machine
  • Operator independent results due to auto calibration concept
  • Tool-less exchange of expansion unit in less than 30 seconds

Highest Up Time

  • 4 live camera pictures on display at all time
  • Strip and magazine viewers
  • Online help
  • Easy maintainability 

Platform of the Future

  • Third process station for additional process expansions
  • Expandable for the future thanks to revolutionary machine concept


Bonding methodEpoxy and DAF
Cycle time265ms
Bonding accuracyDown to 12 µm @ 3σ
Wafer size4" to 12" (on 8" or 12" wafer frames)
Die size0.25 mm (with Small Die Kit) to 20 mm
Strip dimensionsLength: 90 mm to 300 mm
Width: 20 mm to 125 mm
Machine dimensions1785 x 1448 x 1400 mm (W x D x H)


Substrate Handler

  • Dual Input (MHIN and TOS)
  • Magazine Handler Input (MHIN only)
  • Raildownholder
  • Motorized Downholder Disp/Bond
  • Strip Marking Unit
  • Striphandler 125 mm hot taped QFN
  • Striphandler 137 mm hot Stage Z
  • SMEMA Link Input
  • SMEMA Link Output


  • PDS Epoxy Level Detection
  • PDS Purge and Pre-Dispense Station
  • Multi Dispense Process

Pick & Place

  • Fusion Bond Process
  • Massflow Die Sensor
  • Small Die Kit
  • Parallel Pick & Place
  • High Accuracy Mode

Die Ejector

  • Ultra Thin Die Needle Module
  • Ultra Thin Die Peel (CSR required)
  • Ultra Thin Die Multidisc (CSR required)


  • Indirect Illumination (BVI/DVI)
  • Dispense Vertical Indirect Illumination (DVIILL)
  • Dispense Quality Check
  • Bond Quality Check
  • Bond Vertical Indirect Illumination (BVIILL)


  • Wafer Mapping inclusive Conversion
  • Host Communication Interface
  • E142 Strip Mapping (CSR required)


  • Uninterruptible Power Supply to PC
  • Ionizer Pick
  • Ionizer Bond
  • Ionizer Controlled Pick (IONC-P)
  • Ionizer Controlled Bond (IONC-B)
  • Ionizer Controlled Dispense (IONC-D)
  • Ionizer Controlled WH Load Top (IONC-WT)
  • Ionizer Controlled WH Load Bottom (IONC-WB)
  • Ionizer Controlled Magazine Input (IONC-MHIN)
  • Fine Filter Unit
  • Fine Filter Unit with Air Particle Sensor


Besi Netherlands B.V.

Tel: +31 26 319 6100

Besi Switzerland AG

Tel: +41 41 749 5111

Besi Austria GmbH

Tel: +43 5337 6000

Meco Equipment Engineers B.V.

Tel: +31 416 384 384

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