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Fico Laser Marker

The Fico Laser Marker is based on the proven Fico Compact Line Design. It can therefore be integrated in a compact line, but can also be used as a stand alone laser marker. The Fico Laser Marker can be used with any laser brand and is able to mark the bottom as well as the top side of your packages. Integrated or stand-alone Integration and linking of assembly processes and test equipment into complete production lines has become an area where Fico has taking a lead. The Fico Laser Marker can be integrated with Dambar cutting and trim & form applications. Besi Netherlands not only manufactures the Fico Laser Marker, but also trim & form systems and laser deflash systems, either as stand alone equipment or integrated.

More information?

Curious of what the Fico Laser Marker can do for you? Contact the Besi sales department for more information.

Key Features

  • Easy and quick product conversion,
    minimum part changeover within product and leadframe conversions (1 to 5 minutes)
  • Maximum laser utilization
    due to very short leadframe handling times (total index & leadframe transport: 1 second)
  • Minimum operator assistance
    due to standard multi magazine loading and offloading, and an automatic reject function
  • Universal design
    Shootable for most common laser brands
  • Stand-alone or integrated into the Fico Compact Line
  • Capability of top and bottom side marking


Machine Dimensions

Width*1,350 mm
Depth*850 mm
Height*1,400 mm
Weight*Approx. 500 kg

* Final data depends on user specific data and machine configuration



The Fico Laser Marker can be supplied in a variety of configurations according to your requirements. These configurations can include:

  • Dual stack magazine handler
  • Multi-slotted magazine handler
  • Reel handling
  • Integration with Dambar cutting
  • Integration with Trim & Form
  • Integration, with strip based testing
  • Incoming leadframe inspection
  • Selective marking
  • 2D mark inspection based on mark quality
  • 2D mark inspection based on content
  • Brush cleaning

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