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Besi employees are part of a global multinational team striving to realize tomorrow's technologies and opportunities in the fast paced world of semiconductor equipment manufacturing. Set forth below are current employment opportunities available at each of our product groups.

Besi AustriaRadfeld, AustriaPrototyping Engineer
Besi AustriaRadfeld, AustriaOrder Project Engineer
Besi AustriaRadfeld, AustriaSenior Vision Engineer
Besi AustriaRadfeld, AustriaImage Processing Algorithm Engineer
Besi AustriaRadfeld, AustriaTechnischer Redakteur
Besi AustriaRadfeld, AustriaSystem Architect
Besi AustriaRadfeld, Austria(Sr) Software Tester
Besi AustriaRadfeld, Austria(Sr) Electronics Design Engineer
Besi AustriaRadfeld, AustriaElectronics Systems Architect
Besi AustriaRadfeld, AustriaGraduate from a technical college/university in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or industrial engineering
Besi AustriaRadfeld, AustriaSr. Electrical Design Engineer
Besi AustriaRadfeld, AustriaSr. Mechanical Design Engineer
Besi AustriaRadfeld, AustriaProduct Specialist
Besi AustriaRadfeld, AustriaSr. Software Engineer
MecoDen Bosch, The NetherlandsService Product Specialist
Besi NetherlandsDuiven, The NetherlandsMechanical Engineer
Besi NetherlandsDuiven, The NetherlandsSr. Software Developer
Besi SingaporeSingaporeSystem Engineer (Hybrid)
Besi SingaporeSingaporeSoftware Engineer
Besi SingaporeSingaporeSoftware Engineer (Hybrid)
Besi SingaporeSingaporeSoftware Engineer (DLA)
Besi SingaporeSingaporeSoftware Engineer (C#) - Packaging
Besi SingaporeSingaporeElectrical Engineer
Besi Singapore, Taiwan BranchHsinchu, TaiwanSoftware Engineer
Besi SwitzerlandSteinhausen, SwitzerlandProject Buyer
Besi SwitzerlandSteinhausen, SwitzerlandElectronics Engineer 
Besi SwitzerlandSteinhausen, SwitzerlandComputer Vision Software Engineer
Besi SwitzerlandSteinhausen, SwitzerlandApplication Software Engineer
Besi SwitzerlandSteinhausen, Switzerland(Sr) Machine Learning and Computer Vision Engineer 
Besi SwitzerlandSteinhausen, SwitzerlandTest-System Engineer
Besi USAHillsboro, Oregon, USASoftware Engineer USA/Oregon


Employees' knowledge, creativity and experience are the foundation for the innovative technological core competency that drives our business and results in leading market shares in the respective assembly markets. Our success depends on finding and promoting the best talent available who are both passionate and committed to the development of the semiconductor industry. To encourage optimal performance and career development, employees benefit from a wide range of training programs available at our product groups.

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