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Datacon 8800 FC QUANTUM hs

Based on the industrial benchmark Datacon QUANTUM series, production speed was significantly increased compared to the successful Datacon FC QUANTUM advanced to offer an unprecedented Cost of Ownership. At the same time, no compromise on 4μm accuracy and process control was made to enable Tool to Tool repeatability at Highest Yield.

- Versatile High Speed Flip Chip Bonder
- Unique Quattro Concept
- 4μ @ 3 Sigma local accuracy
- UPH up to 20,000


A Datacon QUANTUM system for your product

Seeing is believing, so we are more than happy to give you a demonstration on a live system in the Datacon QUANTUM range of flip chip equipment. Contact us today for more information.

Key Features

Extra Speed +100% Improved CoO

  • Innovative "Quattro" multi nozzle concept 
  • Synchronous process steps 
  • High resolution large FoV camera systems 
  • Optimized movements with Real Cross Influence 2.0


  • Proven accuracy 4μm @ 3s (3μm roadmap) 
  • Enhanced 26MP camera system 
  • Improved temperature drift compensation 
  • New Matrix BMC 2.0 

Full Yield Control

  • Full Process & Production control
  • Superior usability with enhanced Pseudo X-Ray
  • Fast Post Bond Inspection
  • Individual Eject - Flip - and P&P - Toolinspection
  • Chipping / Die Crack detection 

Ease of use

  • Minimal tooling quantity - fast device change over 
  • No die transfer shuttle - no unnecessary die handling 
  • Simple recovery handling 
  • Auto nozzle offset correction 


X/Y placement accuracy± 4 µm @ 3 sigma
Bond force50 - 1,500g
Die size0.5 x 0.5 – 25 x 25mm (1.0 x 1.0 – 14 x 14mm (high speed mode))
Die thickness0.05 - 2mm
Wafer size8" - 12" (on 8" or 12" wafer frames)
Substrate typesFR4, ceramic, BGA, strip, flex, boat, leadframe
Working range325 x 203mm
Flux film thicknessVarious cavity plates available
Size1,600 x 1,983 x 1,940mm (W x D x H) (with dual monitor)
WeightCa. 2,000 kg
UPHup to 20,000 (application dependant)
Vision systemWC/UC: FoV 29 x 29 mm, SC: FoV 14 x 14 mm


Substrate / Strip Handling

  • Input/output buffer
  • Magazine loader/unloader ML1

Vision system

  • RGB lighting
  • OCR for substrates


  • Functionality via existing standard SECS/GEM protocol
  • Pseudo X-Ray 
  • Needle Hole Inspection 
  • Flip and P&P Tool Inspection 
  • Parameter provider
  • Configurable user level
  • Substrate/Strip/TU-Mapping (Semi S12, S14 in G84 and E142) 
  • Chipping Inspection 
  • Lot Management
  • Restart Dialoge Region Selection
  • Auto Illumination (roadmap)
  • Custom Slow Travel Speed and Distance
  • Single Component Tracking
  • Cleartext Process Program (read only)
  • Single Chip / Multiple Bond Positions

Component presentation

  • Wafer stretcher (for 8" or 12" frames)
  • Various stretch adapters (for metal and plastic frames)
  • Wafer table rotation

Component handling system

  • Upgraded ionizers for TS-input-area and Eject-area
  • Low bondforce kit (0.5 - 15N)
  • Pneumatic terminal


  • External vacuum pump
  • Uninterruptable power supply
  • ALPS Host computer
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