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Fico Trim & Form Tools

Besi Netherlands has gained an undisputed reputation as the world leader in high precision, superior quality tools. Fico tools are well known for their high stability and high accuracy (high Cpk values). All tools are produced at Fico tool shops using high precision machines and the latest production techniques.


Contact the Besi sales department for a dedicated quotation for your product.

Key Features

Wide Range of Tool Types

  • Degate tool
  • Dambar cutting
  • Forming tool
  • Leadlength cutting tool
  • Separation tool
  • Multiple phases in one tool

Patented Technologies

  • Slug pull prevention
  • Carving cutting
  • Carbide cutting punches
  • Ficoating

Tool Properties

  • Comb punches – long lifetime and easy maintenance
  • Fast and easy exchange of wear parts
  • Matrix singulation
  • Delamination free singulation of QFN packages
  • Slug pull prevention in cutting plate
  • SOT forming and singulation – multiple phases in one tool


  • Significant increase of cleaning interval time
  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • Perfect coating adhesion – long coating lifetime

Automatic Tool Identification

  • Automatic tool identification
  • Stroke counter
  • Traceable tool cleaning history
  • Automatic tool selection


  • Small tool size
  • Low weight: approximately 12 kg
  • Leadframe width: 18 – 101.6 mm
  • Leadframe length: 150 – 280
  • Endless strip (reel)
  • Speed: max. 250 strokes per minute
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