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Leadframe molding re-invented

Besi has reinvented leadframe molding with the AMS-X. The increased market demand for power products and higher densities on larger leadframes asked for a new solution. With the AMS-X Besi has set a new benchmark in leadframe molding.

The AMS-X has newly developed plate presses. An extremely compact and rigid construction. To obtain a bleed free end product, each press has 4 clamp modules that ensure a high and even clamp force all around the product.
And with its new UX-design, the AMS-X is the most user friendly Besi molding system ever. 

More information

Seeing is believing, so we are more than happy to give you a demonstration on a live system. Contact us today for more information.

Key Features


  • Up to 30% higher output than competition
  • Low Cost of Ownership - with latest state of the art technology
  • Flash free - patented clamping mechanism
  • High quality molding - full process control, dynamic clamping 
  • Low compound usage - unique runner design
  • Suited for High Density and Power products
  • Zero defect - 100% infeed and outfeed vision inspection possible
  • Clean room class 1000

Slotted Magazine Loader

  • High capacity
  • Freely accessible

Infeed Module

  • Strip orientation check
  • Automatic orientation correction
  • Strip pre-heating

Molding Press

  • High clamp force
  • Recipe controlled deep vacuum level 
  • Individually controlled 4-section clamp cylinders (optimal and equal substrate clamping)
  • Even mold cap planarity

Outfeed module

  • Integrated butterfly degating
  • Large capacity central exhaust pump
  • Double filter with blow back cleaning

FCL-X Press

  • Sub-runner removal with standard Fico Compact Line - X press
  • Compact tool
  • High press force: 50 kN (6.6 Joule)
  • Optical contactless safety pin detection
  • High airflow (vacuum and/or compressed air) in tool
  • Dedicated exhaust system 
  • Easy tool exchange
  • RFID tool recognition

Dual Stack Magazine Handler

  • Dual stack with automatic magazine rotation
  • Servo motor controlled leadframe pusher
  • Very short leadframe travel
  • Closed magazine bottom handling (option)

Pellet feed

  • Remote pellet feed (up to 40m)
  • Pellet length check
  • Pellet cooling
  • Pellet age control


Machine Dimensions*

Width 5,160 mm
Depth 1,500 mm
Height 1,800 mm
Weight Approx. 9,500 kg

* Base dimensions of the system, without protrusions like exhaust, hand grips and HMI support.

Leadframe Dimensions

Width Max. 125 mm
Length Max. 300 mm
Thickness Max. 10 mm


Magazine Dimensions

Width 25 - 160 mm
Length 170 - 300 mm
Height 100 - 240 mm
Storage capacity 600 mm


Supply Requirements

Voltage 208-230-380-400-440-460-480VAC - 3~
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption 14 kVA
Compressed air 4.5 - 9 bar
Average air consumption 5 m3/h at 6 bar
Factory exhaust 2,000 m3/h


Press and Mold Properties

Max. clamp force 1,800 kN (180 ton)
Max. mold opening 150 mm
Max. transfer pressure 15 MPa (150 bar)
Pellet diameter 14, 14.3, 16 or 18 mm
Max. number of plungers 12
Max. cavity temperature difference ± 2 ºC
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