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Company Profile

Besi is engaged in one line of business, the development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and service of semiconductor assembly equipment for the global semiconductor and electronics industries.


Besi's customers are primarily leading multinational chip manufacturers, assembly subcontractors and electronics and industrial companies. Customers are either independent device manufacturers (IDMs) which purchase Besi's equipment for internal use at their assembly facilities or assembly subcontractors which purchase Besi's equipment to produce packages for third parties on a contract basis. Besi's equipment performs critical functions in customers' assembly operations and in many cases represents a significant percentage of their installed base of assembly equipment.

Global presence

Besi is a global company with headquarters in Duiven, the Netherlands. It operates seven facilities in Asia and Europe for production and development activities, as well as eight sales and service offices across Europe, Asia and North America. End 2016 Besi employed a total staff of 1,669 fixed and temporary personnel of whom approximately 65% were based in Asia and 35% were based in Europe and North America.

Stock market listings

Besi was incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands in May 1995 and had an initial public offering in December 1995. Besi's Ordinary Shares are listed on Euronext Amsterdam (symbol: BESI) and are included in the Amsterdam Midcap Index. Its level 1 ADRs trade on the OTC markets (symbol: BESIY). More stock information can be found on the Investor Relations pages.  

Contact Us

BE Semiconductor Industries N.V.

Tel: +31 26 319 4500

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