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Fico Compact Line - X

The new Fico Compact Line - X (FCL-X) is the latest development in Trimming & Forming and can process extreme high density leadframes up to 125 x 300 mm. The FCL-X is the answer to the increasing accuracy and Cpk demands.

Increased press force

The FCL-X press has an increased press force to process extreme high density leadframes. Its advanced pollution control system allows trouble free processing of preplated and interdigit leadframes. Each press has dedicated aspiration, with controlled high air flow speeds and a unique cyclone dust filter.

Different loaders and offloaders

A range of loader and offloader modules are available, ranging from magazines and cassettes to tray, bulk and tube. Short and controlled transport distances increase the performance of the FCL-X and at the same time prevent damage to your products.

More information?

Every FCL-X configuration is adapted to your product. Curious of what the FCL-X can do for you? Contact the Besi sales department for more information.

Key Features

Wide range of available modules

  • Dual Stack Magazine Handler
  • Control Unit
  • Slotted Magazine Loader
  • Press Module
  • Bulk Offloader
  • Laser Marker
  • Separator to Sorter
  • Device Sorter


Dual Stack Magazine Handler

  • Loader or offloader use
  • Dual stack with automatic magazine rotation
  • Auto ejection of rejected leadframes
  • Servo motor controlled leadframe pusher
  • Strip loading with vacuum pick-up head (ESD safe)
  • Very short leadframe travel
  • Smooth leadframe accelleration and transport
  • Closed magazine bottom handling (option)


 Vision Inspection

  • Leadframe identification
  • Leadframe orientation
  • Bottom and/or Top inspection
  • Large field of view
  • High definition camera
  • Stable construction



  • High press force: 50 kN (6.6 Joule)
  • Optical contactless safety pin detection
  • High airflow (vacuum and/or compressed air) in tool
  • Exhaust system per press
  • Easy tool exchange
  • RFID tool recognition
  • Output control from user interface



  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Sophisticated design for easy maintenance
  • Different forming principles
  • 125 mm tool width
  • Enhanced pollution conttrol


Bulk Offloader (Binning)

  • 4 bins (configurable function)
  • Three 1 liter bins, one small reject bin
  • Product offloading directly down from tool
  • Short distance – no sticking
  • Vacuum in tool through bin for controlled product flow
  • Easy bin exchange – software controlled


Control unit

  • Large 550mm touch screen user interface
  • Customizable warning & status light
  • Built in illumination
  • Hand exhaust (option)
  • SECS/GEM (option)


Slotted Magazine Loader

  • Large 600mm cassette buffer
  • Automatic magazine/leadframe centering
  • Ionizer (option)



Machine Dimensions

Widthdepends on the configuration 
Depth950 mm
Height1,455 mm
Weightdepends on the configuration


Product Handling Specifications

Leadframe length170 - 300 mm
Leadframe width18 - 125 mm
Leadframe thickness0.1 - 0.4 mm
Package thickness0 - 5 mm


Supply Requirements

Voltage208-230-380-400-440-460-480VAC - 3~
Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Power ratingdepending on the configuration
Compressed air5 - 10 bar
Air consumptiondending on the configuration


Speed and Noise level

SpeedMax. 250 strokes per minute
Noise levelLower than 73 db(A)


Available modules

DSMHDual Stack Magazine Handler
CUControl Unit
SMLSlotted Magazine Loader
PMPress Module
BOBulk Offloader
LMLaser Marker
S2SSeparator to Sorter
DSDevice Sorter


Dual Stack Magazine Handler

Magazine height150 - 600 mm
Magazine length150 - 306 mm
Magazine width25 - 131 mm
Magazine weightmax. 15 kg (including leadframes)


Slotted Magazine Loader

Magazine height100 - 240 mm
Magazine length170 - 300 mm
Magazine width25 - 160 mm


Press Module

Press force50 kN (6.6 Joule)
Tool width125 mm



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