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Besi's Commitment to Sustainability

Besi's objective is to promote its business and financial interests in a socially responsible manner for the benefit of all stakeholders, employees, partners, the environment and the local communities in which it operates. Besi is committed to running its operations in accordance with internationally recognized standards and best practices and to promote sustainability with all stakeholders including topics such as environmental conservation, climate change, human rights, conflict mineral free supply chains, hazardous materials, anti-corruption practices and corporate transparency.

Besi's Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") strategy has three pillars: Environmental Impact, People Wellbeing and Responsible Business. For more information, please refer to Besi's Environmental, Social and Governance report 2023:


Besi strives to comply with international best practice standards of social and environmental responsibility in order to improve the management of its material risk exposures.

ISO certificates and QEHS policies for the respective companies can be downloaded below.

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