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Datacon 2200 evo

The Datacon 2200 evo high-accuracy multi-chip die bonder provides the ultimate flexibility for die attach as well as for flip chip applications. Equipped with integrated dispenser, 12” wafer handling, automatic tool changer, and application specific tooling, the Datacon 2200 evo is prepared for present and future processes and products.

Key Features

High Performance at High Accuracy

  • Highest accuracy ± 10 µm @ 3 Sigma (7 µm on request)
  • High productivity, low cost-of-ownership
  • Up to 4 working heads in one machine

Multi-Chip Capability

  • Single pass production for complex products
  • Die attach, flip chip, multi-chip in one machine
  • Epoxy writing & stamping, flux dipping

Unbeaten Flexibility

  • Die pick from wafer, waffle pack, gel pack, feeder
  • Die place to carrier, boat, substrate, PCB, lead frame, wafer
  • Hot and cold processes supported: epoxy, soldering, thermo-compression
  • MCM, SiP, Hybrids

Open Platform Architecture for Full Customization

  • Most advanced modular platform concept
  • Production line tailored 100% to your needs
  • Ideal solution with smallest footprint possible


Machine Capability

X/Y placement accuracy  ±10 µm @ 3 sigma (7 µm on request)
Heated bond head (optional)  Up to 350 °C
Bond force 0 – 7,500 g (programmable)



 Die size Die attach 0.17 mm – 50 mm
Flip Chip 0.8 mm – 50 mm
 Die thickness 0.02 mm – 7 mm
 Wafer size 4" – 12"


Tape and Reel

Tape width 8 mm – 44 mm


Substrates and Carriers

Types FR4, ceramic, BGA, flex, boat, lead frame, waffle pack, Gel-Pak®, JEDEC tray
Working range 13" x 8"



Types Pressure/time, Volumetric (Auger-screw type), High-performance D-style pump


Adhesive and Stamping Reservoir

Epoxy thickness Setting range 0.1 mm – 5 mm (0.004" – 0.19")


Slide Fluxer

Flux film thickness  Various cavity plates available


Size and Weight*

Size W 1,200 mm x D 1,225 mm x H 2,000 mm
Weight 1,300 kg

*single module without input/output systems

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