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Esec 2100 SC

The Die Bonder Esec 2100 SC is the most flexible 300 mm high speed platform, capable of running the smart card tape. It is the most effortless system to run, assist and control production resulting in a quantum leap in throughput and yield at the lowest cost of ownership. At its introduction, this innovative platform was awarded with the prestigious Swiss Technology Award.

Key features

Leading Edge Machine Concept

  • Single clamp transport system
  • 100% post bond QC inspection at high speed 
  • Key alignment tasks performed by cameras make many mechanical adjustments obsolete
  • Optional 3 zone heating for pre-curing (accuracy) and void control (dehumidification)

Highest Up Time

  •  Real time process monitoring through 4 live images of process zones
  • Constant status control with real time wafer, tape and magazine viewer
  • Efficient learning and error recovery thanks to context sensitive online help

Highest Speed at 25 µm Accuracy

  • Phi-Y Pick and Place with symmetrical design for short settling time resulting in highest UPH 
  • Best placement accuracy through vibration control
  • Highest stiffness for highest speed AND accuracy

Fastest Time to Yield

  • Tool-less exchange of product and easy loading of material for fastest product changeovers
  • Teach and setup wizards and parameter teach verification eliminate setup errors
  • Recipe transfer from machine to machine enables fast conversion

The Platform of the Future

  • 3rd generation pick and place
  • 50 N bond force standard
  • Third process station enables easy adaptation to future leading-edge applications


Bonding method Epoxy
Bonding accuracy Down to 25 µm @ 3σ
Wafer size 4" to 12" (on 8" or 12" wafer frames)
Die size 0.5 mm to 20 mm
Tape size Width: 35 mm
Machine dimensions 3040 x 1448 x 1680 mm (W x D x H)


Section "Tape Handler"

  • Tape Handler 35mm hot (TPH35h)
  • Tape Input Handler (TIH)
  • Tape Output Handler (TOH)
  • Tape Input Buffer (TIB)
  • Tape Output Handler Simplified (TOHS)
  • Tape Output Handler Detached (TOHD)
  • Tape Output Handler Detached Simplified (TOHDS)


  • PDS Epoxy Level Detection
  • PDS Purge and Pre-Dispense Station

Pick & Place

  • Massflow Die Sensor
  • Small Die Kit


  • Indirect Illumination (BVI/DVI)
  • Dispense Vertical Indirect Illumination (DVIILL)
  • Dispense Quality Check
  • Bond Quality Check
  • Bond Vertical Indirect Illumination (BVIILL)
  • Pick Indirect Illumination (PIILL) - CSR required


  • Compact Curing
  • Curing Oven with Rail


  • Wafer Mapping including Conversion
  • Host Communication Interface


  • Uninterruptable Power Supply to PC
  • Ionizer Pick
  • Ionizer Bond
  • Fine Filter Unit
  • Fine Filter Unit with Air Particle Sensor
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