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Meco CDL 1500

Revolutionizing mold bleed and flash removal with the Chemical Deflash Line, Meco CDL 1500

Meco stands as the forefront in leadframe deflash, solder plating, and flux cleaning solutions, securing its position as the industry leader. Our computer-controlled EDF/EPL systems, boasting over 400 successful installations, have set an unparalleled standard in the field. Elevating chemical deflashing to unprecedented levels, we proudly introduce the Meco CDL System, our latest groundbreaking innovation.

Embark on a new era of chemical deflashing excellence with Meco's CDL 1500 (Chemical Deflash Line). Rely on our vast expertise, revolutionary technology, and unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier solutions. Connect with us today to explore how our state-of-the-art systems can revolutionize your production process, ensuring optimal efficiency and unparalleled success.

Key features

Revolutionary Loading System: Gentle Handling for Leadframes

The Meco CDL 1500 redefines leadframe handling, introducing a sophisticated loading mechanism designed to treat leadframes with the utmost care, eliminating any risk of damage. The patented Meco carrier belt, engineered to reduce drag, facilitates deflashing on both sides of the leadframe in a single pass.

Automatic Precision: Stacked and/or Slotted Magazine Handling

Choose from a range of product handling options, including stacked magazine handling with a buffer system accommodating 1 to 7 magazines, or slotted magazine handling with a buffer system handling up to 6 magazines. The system also supports a combination of stack and slotted magazine handling. Employing a specially designed clip device, the Meco CDL 1500 ensures the automatic loading and unloading of leadframes onto the continuously moving carrier belt. Products can be loaded closely together, with a mere 2-3 mm gap between each item.

Flexibility and Swift Change-Over Time

The Meco CDL 1500 stands out for its remarkable product flexibility and rapid change-over time. With minimal product-related parts, change-overs can be completed in under 5 minutes by a single operator. This flexibility allows handling various frame sizes, ranging from 150 mm to 300 mm in length and 25 mm to 100 mm in width.

Setting the Benchmark in Chemical Deflashing

Sensitive packages pose a challenge with electro deflashing due to potential delamination caused by hydrogen bubble formation. Our chemical deflashing method immerses the leadframe in a specially designed water-based solution, eliminating hydrogen formation. The chemical is molding compound-friendly, even with extended dwell times. The continuously moving carrier belt transports the strips to the CD Turret for deflashing. Dwell time options range from 20 minutes (1200 strips/h) to 60 minutes (400 strips/h). After undergoing high-pressure deflashing and final cleaning, the fully automatic, synchronized unload positions discharge the strips into magazines.

Continuous Processing Advantages

The continuous processing of strips through the machine offers significant advantages over batch-type deflash lines. Consistent treatment conditions result in excellent deflash quality, with minimal variation from one product type to another. Additionally, the close proximity of loaded products on the carrier belt enhances overall efficiency.

Seamless Control with Electro Plating Control Software (B6)

Ensuring easy control and monitoring of the CDL cleaning line, our Electro Plating Control Software (B6) features a user-friendly interface based on the Windows operating system. Users can manage machine operations, check process parameters, modify setpoints, and store different recipes for swift change-overs.

Security and User Access Control

Security and user access control are paramount at Meco. Each user enjoys their own authorization level, limiting tasks to the appropriate level of access. The B6 guarantees that all process parameters align with specified values before production begins, preventing errors and optimizing performance.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

The Meco CDL 1500 not only delivers superior performance but also offers cost-saving benefits. With low water usage, high production yields, and minimal running costs, the system ensures efficient and economical operations.

Experience the Pinnacle of Chemical Deflashing

Elevate your chemical deflashing experience with Meco's CDL 1500 system. Trust in our expertise, innovative technology, and unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality solutions. Contact us today to discover how our cutting-edge systems can enhance your production process and maximize your success.



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