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Datacon 2200 evo hS

Innovative Solution for Innovative Products

The Datacon 2200 evo hS die bonder for Multi Module Attach assembles all kinds of technologies on a tried-and-tested platform, enhanced with key features for higher bonding accuracy and lower cost of ownership. Besides unbeaten flexibility and full customization possibilities, this evolutionary machine offers higher accuracy with long-term stability using a new camera system and thermal compensation algorithm, higher speed through a new image processing unit, and improved cleanroom capabilities.

Datacon 2200 evo goes hS!

  • Multi-chip capability
  • Flexibility for customizing
  • Open platform architecture

Key Features


  • Fully automatic cycle for Multi-chip production
  • Up to 7 Pick & Place tools (optionally 14), 5 eject tools
  • Pressure/time (Musashi®), Auger, Jetter type dispensers available
  • Epoxy stamping option
  • Filled and unfilled epoxy, wide viscosity range


  • New high-speed image processing unit
  • Full alignment & Bad mark search
  • Pre-defined fiducial geometry & customized teaching

Pick & Place Head

  • Die Attach, Flip Chip and Multi-Chip in one machine
  • Die pick from: wafer, waffle pack, Gel-Pak®, feeder
  • Die place to: substrate, boat, carrier, PCB, leadframe, wafer
  • Hot and cold processes supported: epoxy, soldering, thermo-compression, eutectic



X/Y placement accuracy  ±7 µm @ 3 sigma
Theta placement accuracy ± 0.15° @ 3s


Bond Heads

Standard bond head 0° - 360° rotation
Heated bond head option



Footprint 1,160 x 1,225 x 1,800 mm (WxDxH)
Weight 1,450 kg



Uptime  > 98%
Yield > 99.95%
Output up to 12,000 UPH



Die size Die attach 0.17 - 5 mm
Die thickness 0.05 - 2 mm
Wafer size 2 - 12" (50 - 300 mm)
Frame size 5 - 15" (125 - 375 mm)


Chip trays

Waffle pack / Gel pack 2 x 2" and 4 x 4"
Jedec On request


Substrate & Carriers

Types FR4, ceramic, BGA, flex, boat, lead frame, waffle pack, Gel-Pak®, JEDEC tray, odd-shape substrates
Working range 13 x 8" (325 x 200 mm)



Hardware Open platform architecture for full customization
Software Single component tracking, CAD download, wafer mapping, substrate mapping, barcode scanner, datamatrix recognition and more


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