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Besi's objective is to become the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor assembly equipment for advanced packaging applications and to exceed industry average benchmarks of financial performance.


Strategic Initiatives

The key initiatives to realize Besi's strategic objectives include:

  1. Developing new products and markets.

  2. Expanding addressable markets and Besi's revenue growth potential.

  3. Strengthening and expanding strategic long-term customer relationships.

  4. Expanding Asian operations, capabilities and supply chain.

  5. Developing common platforms and common parts for its systems.

  6. Achieving a more scalable, flexible and lower cost manufacturing model.

  7. Selectively acquiring companies with complementary technologies and products.


Through the implementation of its strategy, Besi seeks to become a more efficient and profitable company with increased market share in the segments of the assembly equipment market with the greatest potential for long-term growth and significantly enhance its scalability and flexibility to respond more effectively to increasingly volatile short term industry order patterns.

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BE Semiconductor Industries N.V.

Tel: +31 26 319 4500

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