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Executive Management


Richard Blickman

CEO, Chairman of the Board of Management
Duiven, The Netherlands


Ruurd Boomsma

CTO Besi
Steinhausen, Switzerland


Christoph Scheiring

Senior Vice President Die Attach
Steinhausen, Switzerland


René Betschart

Senior Vice President Besi Products Asia


Jeroen Kleijburg

Senior Vice President Packaging
Duiven, the Netherlands

Ruben Tibben

Vice President Plating
Drunen, the Netherlands


Henk-Jan Jonge Poerink

Senior Vice President Global Operations
Shah Alam, Malaysia


J.K. Park

Senior Vice President Sales & Customer Support APac
Seoul, Korea

René Hendriks

Senior Vice President Sales North America and Europe
Duiven, the Netherlands


Cor te Hennepe

Senior Vice President Finance
Duiven, The Netherlands

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