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Esec 2100 hS ix

The Esec 2100 hS ix is the latest member of the 2100 i Die Bonder family. It is optimized for highest speed and scratch-free transport thanks to the easy-to-use motorized and programmable rail strip handler.

The Esec 2100 hS ix also incorporates the proven features of the 2100 i generation, such as the High Resolution Vision Systems and the Dual Dispensing Module. The Esec 2100 hS ix is the new generation High Speed Die Bonder providing now the best Cost of Ownership (CoO). 

More information

Seeing is believing, so we are more than happy to give you a demonstration on a live system. Contact us today for more information.

Key Features

New Generation Designs

  • High Resolution 4mega pixel Vision Systems
  • Motorized and Programmable Rail Strip Handler with three clamps, optimized for scratch free production
  • New reliable Strip push out to Magazine by Clamp
  • New Dual Universal Top Stack and Magazine Input Handler
  • New All-in-One Expansion unit for all frame sizes

Optimized Productivity

  • Motorized Rail Strip Handler allowing working position as close to Wafer as possible
  • Superior and proven P&P design with High Performance P&P Y-axis and speed optimized trajectories
  • Speed Optimized Soft Pick and Bond Processes
  • Dual 5bar Pneumatic Dispense System with independent writing axis and pressure control 

Optimized Process Control

  • High Accuracy Production Modes
  • Low Contrast Object detection vision capability
  • Up to three calibrated Dual Color Light Sources per camera
  • Full High Definition (FHD) Graphical User Interface with multiple camera inspection images and Viewers 

New Generation Options

  • Speed optimized Pneumatic Downholder System
  • High Precision Bond Head with highly accurate Theta Axis
  • High Accuracy closed loop P&P Z Axis
  • New High Resolution Up looking Vision System
  • Automatic Tool Setups and Optimization


Die Placement Accuracy 

  • >2 mm: 18μm / 0.2° (3σ) (high speed mode) 
  • 2 mm: 12μm / 0.2° (3σ) (accuracy mode) 
  • >2 mm: 10μm / 0.15° (3σ) (up looking vision) 
  • 0.5 - 2mm: 20μm / 1.0° (3σ) 
  • MTBF: >200h


  • Up to 18500 UPH

Bond Process 

  • Bond force: 0.2 - 10N 
  • Bond rotation: 360° 
  • Bond heating: programmable, max. 170°C (simple DAF only) 

Strip Dimensions

  • Width (standard): 58 - 102mm 
  • Width (with narrow kit*): 23 - 67mm 
  • Length: 90 - 300mm 
  • Thickness: 0.1 - 0.5mm 

Wafer and Die Dimensions

  • Wafer size: 4” - 12” 
  • Frame size: 8” - 12” 
  • Die size*: 0.15 - 8mm 
  • Die thickness: > 0.075mm 

Machine Dimensions 

  • Footprint: WxDxH: 1785x1448x1400mm 
  • Weight: approx. 1400kg 

* Option or accessory may be required


Substrate Handler

  • Strip Handler 100 mm hot Rail motorized
  • Rail Downholder
  • Pneumatic Downholder
  • Magazine Handler Input
  • SMEMA Link Input
  • SMEMA Link Output
  • Strip Marking Unit

Pick & Place

  • Beam Die Sensor
  • High Precision Bond Head
  • Liquid Cooling System

Die Ejector

  • Dual Stage Die Ejector


  • Dual Dispense Indirect Illumination
  • Dual Dispense Vertical Indirect Illumination
  • Bond Direct Illumination
  • Bond Vertical Indirect Illumination
  • Uplooking Vision


  • Wafer Mapping inclusive Conversion
  • Transfer Logging
  • Material Tracking


  • Uninterruptible Power Supply to PC
  • Ionizer-Controlled Pick
  • Ionizer-Controlled Bond
  • Ionizer-Controlled Dispense
  • Ionizer-Controlled WH Load Top
  • Ionizer-Controlled WH Load Bottom
  • Ionizer-Controlled Magazine Input
  • Fine Filter Unit
  • Fine Filter Unit with Air Particle Sensor
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