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Fico Sawing Line

With the launch of its new flagship Fico Sawing Line (FSL), Besi initiates the new era in singulation. The FSL is the only integrated singulation system on the market of a single solution provider. Full parallel sawing and sorting processes, generate the highest output possible, at lowest cost of ownership. Having already proven its unique and innovative capabilities in the field, the FSL sets out to conquer the industry.

More information?

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Key Features

High Output

  • Fully parallel processing with dedicated units
  • Balanced throughput with optimal process performance
  • Production output of 22,000 UPH can be achieved

Large Substrate Handling

  • Capable of handling substrate sizes of up to 152.4 x 300 mm
  • Fully prepared for future increase of high density substrate approach

Fast Conversion

  • Fast & easy product conversion to different substrate & product size
  • No tools required and completely automatic alignment of all product related parts

Upside Down Sawing

  • Substrates and products are handled in a “live bug” (contacts down) state throughout the system
  • End product is fixed from the top side
  • Substrate is cut from below
  • Cut scrap falls automatically into the waste bin
  • Minimal risk of scrap hitting the sawing blade

High Accuracy

  • All substrates are fully analyzed with the pre-alignment feature, operating in parallel with the sawing process (zero time loss)
  • The sawing process is taking into account all specific substrate shape and geometry deviations
  • Final package accuracy of ±50 μm at Cpk > 2.0 (6-sigma process control)



  • Automatic tray feeder
  • Rework tray
  • 3 reject bins
  • 9 head product sorting
  • Tube offloader (optional)
  • 2.5 kW spindle power
  • 3" blades (70 - 80 mm)


Machine dimensions

Width3657 mm
Depth1487 mm
Height1820 mm
Weightapprox. 3700 kg (empty)


Leadframe dimensions

Width28 - 152.4 mm
Length60 - 300 mm
Thickness4 mm
Product size2.5 x 2.5 - 50 x 50 mm


Cassette dimensions

Widthmax. 120 mm
Lengthmax. 320 mm
Heightmax. 240 mm
Storage capacity660 mm


Supply requirements

Voltage208-230-380-400-440-460-480VAC - 3~
Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Current at 50 Hz28/25/14/13/12 A
Current at 60 Hz35/31/18/16/15 A
Footprint3.8 m2
Ambient temperature15 - 40 oC
Water consumption500 l/h
Compressed air5 - 10 bar
Average air consumption5.5 m3/h at 5 bar
Factory exhaust300 m3/h at 50 Hz


Equipment performance

Uptime≥ 99%
MTBF≥ 200 h
MTBA≥ 4 h
Outputmax. 22,000 UPH
Size accuracy±50 µm
Offset accuracy±50 µm
Capability / Cpk>2.0



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